Gundry MD Total Restore Review

Is Total Restore WORTH the Hefty Price Tag?

We air out all the laundry in our Gundry Total Restore™ review, and we compare it to other products in the industry to see where it stacks up. Dr. Steven Gundry MD has made a name for himself in the supplement and gut health industry for his bold claims about healing the gut biome. His products have a very expensive price tag, and he offers customers products like ‘Total Restore™’ and ‘Bio Complete 3‘ to help remedy their gut needs. The two questions at the end of the day are: “do they WORK,” and “are these products WORTH it?”

 Gundry MD™ Total Restore™ is marketed as a product designed to promote a healthy gut lining. It includes a blend of products that have been linked to decreasing inflammation in the gut, like cinnamon, grapefruit seed extract, and more. 

However, there are many concerns about the actual benefits of the product, because even though it costs a whopping $69.95 (!!), it still includes cheap fillers! Dr. Gundry has made his name on gut health and healthy eating, and we should expect his products to be free from harmful ingredients. 

Where Gundry MD Total Restore Falls Short of the Competition

Starting at the top of the Gundry MD Total Restore supplement facts label, everything looks good at first glance. It is refreshing to see ingredients like cinnamon, maitake mushroom extract, and good prebiotics like organic fruits. All of these ingredients help feed bacteria and calm inflammation in the gut, but this is not the whole story. 


Our review could not be fair without highlighting the “OTHER INGREDIENTS” listed at the bottom of the label. Microcrystalline Cellulose and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose are included in the Gundry MD Total Restore formula. These compounds and capsules are made of wood, and have been linked to causing inflammation in the gut. 

For a product that is intended to feed the gut bacteria and help sooth and heal the gut lining, it is very strange to see these ingredients that do the opposite! Silicon dioxide is an inert sand-like filler, and while not harmful, is not beneficial. Magnesium stearate is a machine lubricant, and has also been linked to inflammation in the gut. 

Our Gundry MD Total Restore review determines that Total Restore is priced very high at $69.95, but does not deliver the quality that should be expected. At that price point, no fillers, lubricants, or inflammatory agents should be present.

Total Restore also falls short in the micronutrient category by not including foods like seaweed that are high in rare earth metals and trace minerals. Our beneficial gut bacteria are complex and need those minerals too! If we don’t feed them, we might become deficient as they take them out of our diet.

There's Hope!

Not All Products are Compromised like Gundry MD Total Restore

We created MicroBiome Restore to fight back against an industry producing products like Gundry MD’s Total Restore. MicroBiome Restore by BioPhysics Essentials is the ultimate gut health solution to promote a calm, peaceful, thriving gut community. 

3 Organic Seaweed varieties and fossilized peat provide 80 minerals to feed the bacteria, and we include 26 strains of beneficial bacteria to cover all the bases. 

Included Humic and Fulvic acids calm inflammation and promote a stable gut biome where good bacteria can thrive, and fight off invaders! Best of all, it starts at $44.99, which is unmatched value. No other probiotic or gut health supplement provides complete nutritional support with all 80 minerals that the gut bacteria needs, let alone at the price of MicroBiome Restore.

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Nicholas Wunder

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