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X-Cellerator™ is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated and energized liquid minerals essential to human life, proper cellular and Immune System function, and critical in making sure that the electron transport chain is fully functional in cells. Unless proper minerals are available in the human body, nutrients, even vitamins, cannot be assimilated and used properly. X-Cellerator™ forms the foundation of optimum health. It is different than any other “Sea Water Mineral” available.

The creation of X-Cellerator™ is a rigorous process of concentrating the sea water and adding elements, at critical time points and dosing, over a 12 to 18-month period, to achieve the proper mineral profile and energetic levels that distinguishes X-Cellerator™ from any other mineral supplement available – anywhere.

X-Cellerator is a Concentrated Mineral Supplement.  The taste can be a little strong, so it can be mixed in juice or water.

The Elements* listed below are contained in X-Cellerator in approximate descending order, with most elements in trace amount levels, and therefore, falling below Recommended Daily Values and/or no Recommended Daily Values have been established for those elements:

Cl – Chloride

Mg – Magnesium

S04 – Sulfur as total sulfate

Na – Sodium (less than 9 mg per serving, which qualifies as “Low Sodium”)

K – Potassium

Li – Lithium

Br – Bromide

B – Boron

Ca – Calcium

HC03 – Carbon as total Carbonate

F – Fluoride (naturally occurring)

I – Iodide

Si – Silicon

N – Nitrogen

Se – Selenium

P – Phosphorus

Cr – Chromium

Ti – Titanium

Rb – Rubidium

Co – Cobalt

Cu – Copper

Fe – Iron

Mn – Manganese

Sb – Antimony

Mo – Molybdenum

Sr – Strontium

Zn – Zinc

Ni – Nickel

W – Tungsten

Ge – Germanium

Sc – Scandium

Sn – Tin

La – Lanthanum

Y – Yttrium

Ba – Barium

Ag – Silver

U – Uranium

Ga – Gallium

Zr – Zirconium

V – Vanadium

Be – Beryllium

Te – Tellurium

Bi – Bismuth

Hf – Hafnium

Tb – Terbium

Eu – Europium

Gd – Gadolinium

Sm – Samarium

Dy – Dysprosium

Ho – Holmium

Lu – Lutetium

Tm – Thulium

Er – Erbium

Yb – Ytterbium

Nd – Neodymium

Pr – Praseodymium

Nb – Niobium

Ta – Tantalum

Ce – Cerium

Cs – Cesium

Au – Gold

Also, Hydrogen and Oxygen as H20 (Water), plus the Noble Gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon) which are naturally present in sea water (and assumed present).

*Each batch is tested for heavy metals at an independent lab using EPA approved methods.


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