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BioPhysics Essentials was created to bring a collection of developed and curated comprehensive health products to a single marketplace that is easily accessible by the health-conscious. We proudly source our valuable organic and sustainable ingredients and materials to develop products that are the culmination of both modern scientific research and thousands of years of health tradition. As science continues to probe further into the unknown, the BioPhysics Essentials collection will continue to expand overall individual health and wellness. 


Brant Switzler BioPhysics Essentials

Brant Switzler

A pioneer in the coaching and competing worlds, Brant continues to push his sport to embrace the delicate balance between performance and recovery. His innovative techniques and leveraged insights encourage his students to realize their dreams. Because of our common passion for recovery and comprehensive health, as well as his relentless dedication to his craft, we are proud to be represented by Brant and his company, Aboriginal Tennis.

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