Essentials to Fuel You
Essentials to Fuel You

Take control of your gut health
with our industry leading products

Maximize Your Recovery
Maximize Your Recovery

Perform like never before. Replenish with X-Cellerator

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Your Gut Health Matters

Countless research studies link poor gut health
to disorders like fatigue, anxiety, and many more

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Know the Impact of Antibiotics and Prescriptions on Gut Health.

Antibiotics and prescription drugs can destroy your gut health. That's why we created MicroBiome Restore™. It's filler free, and is packed with organic prebiotic nutrients to make it the most effective probiotic ever!

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MicroBiome Restore™

The ALL-IN-ONE Gut Health Solution to RULE them all!

Does Your Probiotic Label Look Like This?

Other supplement manufacturers fill their probiotics and products with cheap ingredients to maximize profit, hurting your gut health in the process. If the probiotic you currently take is filled with these cheap, harmful ingredients, it’s time to throw it in the garbage where it belongs!

No. More. Compromises. MicroBiome Restore is formulated with certified organic prebiotics, 26 strains of beneficial bacteria, and has over 80+ trace minerals to feed the bacteria! Even the Pullulan capsule we use can be used by the bacteria!

The Global Gut Health Crisis

Human Gut Health has been getting worse since the 1960’s, as antibiotics and food pesticides have been overused. We no longer get as many bacteria through our food as we did years ago, and gut health has declined in recent years. Poor gut health has been linked to many disorders, including:

  • anxiety and stress disorders
  • allergies
  • irregularities and digestive problems
  • energy
  • poor nutrition

Modern supplement companies actively hurt gut health by including fillers, machine lubricants, and cheap materials in their probiotics and food supplements. That’s why we created MicroBiome Restore! We say NO to fillers!