Liquid Trace Mineral Supplement – X-Cellerator™


X-Cellerator: Energized Liquid Trace Mineral Supplement

Serving Size: 40 drops daily
Servings Per Day: 1 / Per Container: 30
One Month Supply – $29.99

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X-CelleratorTM is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated and energized liquid minerals essential to human life, proper cellular and Immune System function. X-Cellerator includes those critical in making sure that the electron transport chain is fully functional in cells.  This leads directly to stimulation and proper functioning of the Immune System. 

Unless proper minerals are available in the human body, nutrients and even vitamins cannot be assimilated and used properly. Because of its energetic properties, X-Cellerator forms the foundation of optimum health, and it is different than any other mineral supplement available.

Specially mined water from the Great Salt Lake in Utah is the starting source for the formulation of this liquid trace mineral supplement.  Testing conducted using EPA methodologies ensures that there are no organic and petroleum chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pesticides, or heavy metals in the water.

The creation of X-Cellerator is accomplished through a rigorous process of concentrating the mined water and adding elements, at critical time points and dosing, over a 12-18-month period. (time length required depends on energetic testing during the creation process) This process achieves the proper mineral profile and energetic levels that distinguishes X-Cellerator from any other mineral supplement available – anywhere. 

This liquid trace mineral supplement has been formulated and designed to work with the body from the physical energy standpoint.  It has been designed by physicists who have studied the human body from the energetic view of life in the cells, in addition to the standard chemistry perspective of life in the cells. 

One very unique facet about this supplement:  The spin energy on these minerals at the atomic level is such the body recognizes them as food, and immediately utilizes them, even though they are not plant-based minerals!

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Dosage:  Because X-Cellerator brings such power to the body’s cellular systems, it is strongly advised that those new to X-Cellerator start with the following protocol, working up to the recommended dose of 40 drops per day (up to 150 lbs. bodyweight).  Separate the drops into at least 2 doses over the course of the day, to maximize effect on the body:

Week 1:  10 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 2:  15 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 3:  20 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 4:  25 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 5:  30 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 6:  35 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

Week 7 (and beyond):  40 drops per day – mixed in juice or water

40 drops per day sufficiently supplies up to 150 lbs. of body weight, after this, use the following formula to calculate additional number of drops per day: 

(Body Weight – 150) / 150 * 40

Example of someone who is 200 lbs:

(200 – 150) = 50         

50 / 150 = .33333

.33333 * 40 = 13 drops in addition to the 40, for 53 total drops per day.

Do NOT mix X-Cellerator in hot liquids, as this may affect the energetic spin states of the minerals. However, X-Cellerator may be mixed into cool or room temperature liquids.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Although there is nothing that will harm the body contained in X-Cellerator (even when taken in large amounts), taking too many drops too fast may cause a “healing crisis.” This is due to the fact that the body’s cells may begin to cleanse themselves. This may allow the cells to dump any stored toxins or heavy metals into the body, as the cells return to optimum function and health.  These toxins and heavy metals then need to be eliminated by the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.  This “dumping” of toxins can temporarily overwhelm the body’s abilities to eliminate these toxins.  To learn more about this process, please do an internet search for “healing crisis.”  If taken with the recommended increasing dosages, no problems should result.  If the body does experience a “healing crisis, simply reduce the number of drops per day until the body “catches up” in eliminating toxins.  Then gradually increase the dosage again. 

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