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Gut Essentials Protocol

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Gut Essentials Protocol includes X-Cellerator Trace Mineral Drops and MicroBiome Restore Prebiotic & Probiotic
Gut Essentials Protocol with X-Cellerator™ trace minerals and MicroBiome Restore™ prebiotic and probiotic on a kitchen counter
Gut Essentials Protocol on a cutting board
Gut Essentials Protocol MicroBiome Restore™ supplement facts
Gut Essentials Protocol X-Cellerator™ supplement facts
Gut Essentials Protocol Morning Routine with X-Cellerator trace Mineral Drops and MicroBiome Restore
Gut Essentials Protocol with MicroBiome Restore and X-Cellerator Trace Mineral Drops on a kitchen counter
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The Gut Essentials Protocol pairs MicroBiome Restore™ and X-Cellerator™ together for unmatched calming and gut support. Designed to target the core deficiencies of IBS and gut disorders and deliver lasting change in days.

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Gut Essentials Protocol includes X-Cellerator Trace Mineral Drops and MicroBiome Restore Prebiotic & Probiotic
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The Daily Gut Essentials Protocol

Magnesium & Trace Minerals Support Broad Spectrum Probiotics & Prebiotics

X-Cellerator contains highly bioavailable magnesium as well as all vital elements and trace minerals to calm and hydrate the gut so that the body can begin to relax, reduce inflammation, and heal.


The MicroBiome Restore formula targets the building of a balanced, diverse gut biome, delivering a broad spectrum that other probiotics simply cannot match. Each strain is purposefully included with the goal of fighting pathogenic bacteria, healing the gut, producing short-chain fatty acids, producing neurotransmitters and "happy" hormones, and boosting digestion.


If antibiotics have been taken recently or if there is a history of gut dysbiosis and discomfort, we recommend the 90-day or extended 180-day Gut Essentials Protocol durations as they allow for more time to establish thriving gut colonies.

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